At Legacy Insuror’s Group, our goal is three-fold:
  • Improve our client’s risk profile to make them more attractive to communities, insurers, investors, lenders, and their own clients
  • Improve the economic viability of a business and increase the probability of survival in case of catastrophic loss
  • Control and reduce our clients’ total cost of risk over time

In order to achieve our three-fold goal, Legacy utilizes a true enterprise-wide risk management process to accomplish the following:
  • Identify the risks inherent to our client’s business;
  • Analyze the probability and impact of that risk on the business;
  • Develop a risk control plan to avoid, prevent, mitigate, transfer, or segregate risk at optimal costs.

Enterprise-wide input and buy-in across an organization is critical to the success of the implementation of the Risk Control Plan. From the alignment of our client’s corporate objectives, risk appetite, and financial ability to support their risk profile all the way down to its implementation and follow-through, it is critical that the client and Legacy’s team cooperate to manage risk.

Through our strategic alliance with TCOR Management, we are able to offer certain fee-based risk management services to help clients with their regulatory and compliance goals. Some of those services include: ISNETWorld Maintenance Support, Environmental Health & Safety (HSE) compliance, and DOT Services, including site audits or phone consultations.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to begin developing a Risk Control Plan for your organization.